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Direct Studio Production – a company combining in our work a creative beginning, professionalism and undeniable quality. Our studio offers a wide range of services - here you can order a videographer for a variety of projects.


Every project is important for us

We make high- quality video content that can promote Your brand, increase sales, create and improve the company 's image, or simply record the most memorable and important moments of an event.

Свадебный ролик
Память о самом главном событии Вашей жизни

Хотите художественную свадебную съемку? Тогда вы на верном пути.
Согласуем с Вами все пожелания по сценарию и создадим незабываемую свадебную историю.

Имиджевый фильм
Добавит репутации Вашей компании

У каждой компании есть свой имидж, который необходимо подчеркнуть. Такого рода видеоконтент - самая мощная подача для повышения репутации компании. Креативный сценарий, показывающий уникальность товара, компании или продукта.

Съемка мероприятий
Самые приятные моменты события останутся на долгую память

Самые яркие и запоминающиеся моменты конференций, event или других событийных мероприятий. Финальный ролик формируется в сюжет в форме отчета, который еще раз напомнит о приятно проведенном мероприятии.

Рекламный видеоролик
Повысит конверсию Вашей рекламной компании

Самый популярный продукт видеоконтента с максимальным охватом аудитории. В основе лежит короткий сюжет, который показывает, насколько популярный и востребованный продукт или товар. Качественная подача контента несет в себе хорошие показатели продаж.

How we work
Main stages of working on a video

Three main stages of video production are described below: pre-production (preparation), production (shooting) and post-production (editing, color correction, sound design, etc.).
Our team pays special attention to each stage

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01 Pre production
The first and most important stage of video production

Preparation for shooting is the most important stage of video production. At this stage, we write scripts, conduct casting of actors ( models ), select locations, draw storyboards of shots

02 Production
Shooting prepared material

When everything is ready , the shooting process begins. We use a lot of specialists : a Director , actors, cameraman, makeup artists , costumers , etc. When shooting is finish, it is passed to specialists in the post-production Department.

a camera
03 Post production
Video editing, color grading, sound design

The final stage. Here, creative specialists carefully work on the footage: editors, colorists, motion designers, broadcasters, and sound designers. Having fulfilled all the requirements of the director, the video passes quality control and is presented to the client.

video editing
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Our team

The main members of our team
Aleksandr Tihon
Aleksandr Gorelov
Creative Director
Film editor
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Why a video? There are 5 reasons to choose this format.
Video materials are:
1. profitable for advertising purposes;
2. effective for reporting;
3. beautiful for wedding events;
4. useful for the promotion of musicians and dance groups;
5. convenient for buyers, viewers and other recipients of information.Our services:
• Video of events: rewarding and anniversary, celebrations associated with the presentation of awards, diplomas, titles.
• Wedding videography: a videographer for a wedding is that person thanks to whom your main day will remain not only in your memories, but also in the form of a beautiful video.
• Reporting videography: you can order a videographer for a sports competition, a festival - any important event in the life of a team, city, region.
• Aerial photography: this is an effective and modern way to visually show landscape design, features of the land plot, and the appearance of the structure.

• Music videos: in the era of the Internet, you can become famous by uploading an amazing clip to the network. That is how PSY or Kazaky came to fame. Many performers become world famous thanks to clips on television: just mention Queen, Aqua, Michael Jackson, David Bowie or Madonna. Clips are an integral part of a modern artist and a powerful tool for acquiring fans and interacting with them;
• Commercials are effective for those who first make themselves known in the market and want to attract new customers.
Do you need a professional videographer in Moscow? Only real professionals work in our company. With DIRECT STUDIO you get competent specialists, high-quality equipment and perfect results.
The work uses professional RED movie cameras, professional RODE sound, DJI ronin stabilization system, and Phantom Pro quadrocopters.More than 5 years of successful work.
We have completed more than 300 works.
We know how to work and love our job!
Ordering a video is simple: fill out the brief and our specialist will contact you as soon as possible.